I Need Help with Hot water heater Installation

My wife and I recently purchased an older home that needs some renovating before we can move into it. It is within a great location for our household, so we are anxious to make it habitable as quickly as possible. Though We have the skills to repair the 2 busted windows along with other construction style projects, I am not sure much at all about plumbing. - water heater installation cedar park

I want someone to help me with hot water heater installation. I am not sure the best way to do this. Water heater that we want is actually comparatively sizable, and I am scared of someone getting hurt on the property when they are attempting to help us. Not only that, I am not sure if we would be able to get everything setup correctly.

I do not see whether I have to have a certified plumber to help me with the installation or maybe if I can use someone that just knows how to take action. Plus, there may be problems with making it work which i don't even know exist yet.

Who do i need to get to help me out with my troubles and we all can get this project completed? - water heater installation cedar park